what I’ve been reading lately & my upcoming list

Upcoming Reading List

Eisenhower in war and peace
Notorious RBG
The Power Broker
Big Debt Crises
Good Economics for Hard Times
The Billionaire Raj
The Innovators Dilemma
Teacher Man
The Roving Mind
The Lost Education of Horace Tate



  1. The Midnight Library
  2. American Kingpin
  3. Summer of ’69
  4. The Most Important Thing
  5. Subprime Attention Crisis
  1. Uncanny Valley
  2. Financial Statecraft
  3. On Writing Well*
  4. The Writing Life
  5. Atomic Habits
  6. Creativity, Inc
  7. The Ride of a Lifetime*
  8. Just Mercy*
  9. Afterlife
  10. The Quants
  11. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry
  12. American Dirt*
  13. Working
  14. Man’s Search for Meaning
  15. Joyful
  16. Designing Your Life
  17. The Reminders
  18. Such a Fun Age
  19. How I Built This
  20. Work in Public
  21. Nickel Boys
  22. Let my People Go Surfing
  23. Psychology of Money
  24. All you can ever know
  25. A most beautiful thing
  26. Hidden valley road
  27. Glass Hotel

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