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Everyone’s talking about Gamestop. For the origination of the saga, refer to this tweet. Since this was posted, we’ve seen the run up of the Gamestop stock, alongside many others like AMC. Discord effectively banned r/wallstreetbets and then Robinhood went so far to halt trading of these assets. The world is freaking out. Our freeContinue reading “Gamestop”

Goals for 2021

Publish Two Cents every month – consistency with writing is a weak point for me Get back into running, exercise 3 hours a week minimum Reach out to 1 new person every week that I’d like to chat with 10K twitter followers (arbitrary number but I’d love to use twitter more this year, rather thanContinue reading “Goals for 2021”

“Dumb” Ideas

What makes a dumb idea vs. a smart idea? When you’re young everyone says, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. You start out with a blank slate, nothing if off limits. By the time you’re an adult – there’s a clear way your brain processes and evaluates ideas. I find that this comesContinue reading ““Dumb” Ideas”

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