Everyone’s talking about Gamestop. For the origination of the saga, refer to this tweet. Since this was posted, we’ve seen the run up of the Gamestop stock, alongside many others like AMC. Discord effectively banned r/wallstreetbets and then Robinhood went so far to halt trading of these assets. The world is freaking out.

Our free public markets, are seeming censored, rigged by insiders and arbitrary rules that are being set by Big Brother. I am in favor of people not investing in things they don’t understand. But that’s a choice that should be left to the individual. It’s not the job of a platform to decide when you can or cannot invest in a publicly traded securities.

I’ve seen so many takes over the past few days – sharing a few of my favorites here:

and finally, while I think this whole fiasco points to a future of decentralized platforms. I urge caution as DeFi markets are not as innocent as they seem.

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