Have you ever imagined a place where you could retreat to after work and on the weekends that feels like your best friends home / the library / coffee shop all in one? A sort of after-school club for grown ups. Well lucky for you it is exists, at the Wing.

The Wing is a millennial pink playground designed for women, specifically by women. The community and work space is meant for networking, community gatherings, working out, getting ready, and events among other things. The space offers on-demand blowouts, library and workspace,  and most importantly access to awesome women (Emily Weiss, Remy Ma, Coco Baudelle to name a few) in the NYC area. 

The concept of exclusive social clubs is not new, but it was rendered somewhat archaic over time. Here we are with a refreshed take on social clubs and I am wondering if there is really a need for social clubs like the Wing? On one hand there is the accessibility issue. The price tag,  $2250 (!!) for annual membership, is hefty for any young working professional. Which constrains their target market to a very specific subset of women. However, according to the Cut, of the 300 women that were initially contacted, 2/3 signed up for membership. Still, I feel like this is not an accessible option for many women. Dare it say it sounds frivolous? I feel conflicted, to be perfectly honest.



On the other hand there is the political climate we are living in today. In today’s day and age I feel strongly about community support and finding comfort and advice from other women. Maybe social clubs are not a thing of the past and are really dependent on the times we live in. In a post-Trump world I can easily see the attractiveness of a safe space to talk, work, and create. And I can also appreciate the sense of comfort one can feel retreating to a group of like-minded women. 

Would you join a social club like The Wing?

April 19, 2017

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